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"if someone takes a spill; it's me and not you..."

So it seems as though everyone around me is getting or wanting to get a tattoo. I really am indifferent to the situation. In fact, I kind of don't care. Some tattoos are cooler than others. Shana got one on her enture shoulder of the sun and moon with a bunch of stars surrounding it and it's all pretty and colorful, but damn, I'm sure it hurt to get that! Danny wants one on her back that's a little butterfly. Kelsey wants the exact one Jenna Ushkowitz has on her back shoulder, but on her wrist:

On the other hand, I hate extreme piercings. Belly button piercings and nose piercings and lip/tongue piercings. Ugh. I just find them gross. Well, I guess nose piercings are growing on me because there are so many of them in our school. Even the teachers have them. But I still find them gross and painful. Jacob really likes kissing my stomach, which I don't understand because I'm not like pregnant or anything. Maybe he likes watching me squirm when he tickles me. Anyways... the bitch was arguing with Jake about how she wanted to get her belly button pierced and Jacob asked if I wanted a belly button piercing. I winced and then laughed in his face. My one in each ear was more than enough for me and I can't take having to clean more than my ears with that disgusting crap. And the amount of infections you can get from piercings is unbelievable. Plus, Danny told me some scary stories about piercings. She got her ears pierced when she was three and one day she thought her earring fell out and shrugged it off. It turned out the hole was too big and her earring was stuck in her ear. She said her earliest memory is being held down in the ER screaming as they cut open her ear to get the earring out. She tried it two more times later. The second time, same situation. The third, she got her ears infected and said "I'm done". But how scary is that? I never knew that was possible!

God bless.
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